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School in a Box

Children's Education Development Fund

CEDF’s Newest Initiative

CEDF partners with IADT’s “School in a Box”
What’s the story? Children’s Educational Development Fund has exciting news! Dún Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology (IADT) has been working on a very special project – a solar powered iPad built with the purpose of bringing education to classrooms without access to power. The incredible “School in a Box” design and technology allows for an iPad to be filled with different apps and curriculum so teachers can project the content via solar power on to a projector for their entire class to benefit. This would revolutionise the education of the students in these classrooms. Existing content that is usually delivered through costly printed manuals can br digitised and put on to the iPad. Students and teachers will have access to nearly endless information through diverse apps and pre-downloaded curriculum.

We need your support!

Please consider supporting this new initiative! CEDT has set a goal of purchasing 3 “Schools” to use in Uganda. Each costs approximately €3,500 and we would like to get them out to different classrooms as soon as possible! CEDF could not do any of this without support from people like you! Any size donation helps move us toward this goal. Donations can be made at